The Health Benefits of Almonds

It’s SO Easy to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

I like to keep things simple and practical including staying healthy.  I don’t know about you, but remembering which vitamins do what and what foods do and don’t combine well or cause belly fat is way too much!  I find the healthiest people follow a few basic principles and that’s just one of the things I love to talk about.  We are going to have fun and make staying healthy and looking healthy really easy!

Let’s start with Inflammation – we all know it’s one of the primary causes of poor health.  It causes all sorts of disease.  There are a few foods we all know and love, easy to find, tasty to eat that significantly reduces inflammation.

This week – ALMONDS – people who frequently eat nuts have lower inflammation.  If you swap three serving of red meat , processed meat or refined grains (all of which cause inflammation) for three helpings of nuts a week, is enough to significantly reduce inflammation!  Let’s talk about some ways to add nuts into your diet easily.

Almonds have a lot of protein so it keeps you full longer.  They contain high amounts of unsaturated fat which is great for preventing heart disease and even aging  and they taste great.

Buy raw, organic almonds and soak – really, buy raw, organic.  It’s important and there are so many good sources online for really good almonds.

One of the easiest ways to feel the benefits of almonds and it’s yummy too…

ALMOND MILK…here’s my story…

Last year I visited my girlfriend in Brooklyn who told me she wanted to pick up almonds to make fresh milk for our chai tea the next morning. What? Fresh almond milk. Sounded complicated. Well, we picked up organic almonds at the corner market and here’s how easy this is to do.

You need these 5 things:
Raw organic almonds
A nut bag
A blender
A glass jar or pitcher with a lid – glass is important (no plastic please!)

Go to my Quinnd article to see the details,  step by step and the actual products you buy to take your first step towards looking and feeling SO much better.